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Buy Wii U - Compare Wii U Prices & Deals

Check out the latest available offers below compare Wii U prices and get the best deal. See our Wii U bundles page for Wii console package deals. The new Wii U console package now comes in various game bundles.


The revolutionary Wii console is the latest addition to the gaming market and has proven to be hugely popular all over the world. The Wii is easy to use and understand, and can be used by anyone of any age and skill level so the whole family can get involved.

This page contains price comparisons for the black and white Wii U consoles as well as Wii U bundles. 
Check out the latest Wii U console price comparison pages below to find the best UK deals available.

Wii U Bundles
Wii U Black (Prices)
Wii U White (Prices)

The New Wii U Console
The new Wii U console will be more than just a games machine and is said to push the boundaries not only for gaming but for a full range of entertainment that will attract an even greater audience. Nintendo's newest creation, the Wii U will be available in two different packages, the basic 8GB white console and the premium black 32GB version. The Wii U will bring crisp HD graphics that will allow for an even better gaming experience with a game pad that features a 6.2" 16:9 aspect ratio LCD touch screen, a second window that will enable players to interact with the game and television. The gamepad is also motion controlled with rumble features as well as a front-facing camera, a microphone and its own built-in stereo speakers. Another useful feature of the Wii U console is that it will work with almost all Wii software so players will be able to play their original Wii Games on the console as well as the ability to transfer WiiWare and other purchases

The Nintendo Wii Console

The revolutionary Nintendo Wii offers a fresh new gaming experience that you cannot get with any other gaming system. It presents a new style of gaming that’s fun to play and amusing to watch. Gameplay with the Wii is primarily through the Wiimote as its known, which translates real movements for like movements onscreen.The Wii is also easy to use and understand, and can be used by anyone of any age and skill level. Kids, parents and grandparents can all play on this family friendly games system. The gameplay of the Wii console encourages physical activity, unlike other traditional games consoles and it is one of the most affordable entertainment systems on the market compared to the PS3 and the Xbox 360. With the activity level being its prime seller, the Wii console has many other features:

The Wii Remote:
the remote controller connects to the Wii console through bluetooth technology and has a built-in speaker, a wrist strap, a control for force feedback and 4 blue LED lights that show which player/controller you’ve been assigned. Up to 4 Wii remotes can be connected wirelessly and the signal can be detected within 10 metres of the console. The Wii remote can also be used as a pointer within 5 metres of the screen and is sturdy enough to withstand being dropped by children.

The Wii Connect24 service
wirelessly allows users to connect to the internet and download games from past Nintendo consoles such as the Nintendo 64, NES, SNES, and Turbo Grahphx. Old favourites including Donkey Kong, Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog can all be downloaded and re-lived.
You can also check the sports, weather and news over Nintendo’s free online service. The Wii Connect24 service delivers a new surprise or game update even when the console is on standby – the information is automatically downloaded from the internet.


  • The Nintendo Wii has a 512MB built-in flash memory and a bay for an SD card should users wish to expand on this.

  • Wi-Fi capability to connect wirelessly to the internet.

  • 4 ports for classic Nintendo GameCube controllers

  • 2 slots for Nintendo GameCube memory cards.

  • 2 USB ports

  • An AV Multi-output port for component composite or S-Video

The Wii measures just 8.5’’ (H) X 6” (W) X 2” (D)

Design was optimized with state-of-the-art processing technologies that minimize power consumption, keep the console compact and enable the "sleepless" WiiConnect24 mode.

Negative Points:

  • Relatively short battery life – The Wii remote drains batteries fairly quickly and can sometimes lose connection with the Wii console when low on power.

  • No advanced HD graphics or surround sound – compared with other modern consoles such as the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

  • Inability to play CD’s or DVD’s

To sum up: The Nintendo Wii offers an innovative new kind of gameplay that is not only physically interactive but also encourages socialisation and is suitable for the whole family. If your interest is primarily gaming then the lack of CD/DVD player and graphics quality may not be too sorely missed. Overall the Nintendo Wii delivers very good value for money being one of the most affordable video games console’s on the market.
The Nintendo Wii console has been hugely popular in countries all over the globe bringing traditionally non-players into the world of gaming and there are a growing array of games now available for the Wii console so there’s something to suit everyone. The Nintendo Wii console has proved to be a popular choice!


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